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We pride ourselves on our flexibility and customer-centric approach. From day one, we place our customers in the driver's seat, ensuring that our solutions align precisely with their requirements and objectives. Unlike others, we prioritize integrity over sales pitches, never pushing unnecessary products or services.

Our company, provides you access to senior engineers ready to delve into the details and provide personalized support to every client. Whether it's troubleshooting a technical issue or strategizing for future growth, our team is dedicated to being in the trenches with our clients, every step of the way.

Established in December of 2010, Aspire Live has remained privately held for over 10 years, demonstrating our commitment to stability and long-term relationships. With a worldwide team, we operate on a global scale, providing innovative solutions to meet the diverse needs of our clients. As a trusted solution provider, we proudly serve Fortune 100 companies and small business alike, earning recognition as a top technology partner with leading technology providers.

Women & Minority Owned

Proudly owned and operated by a woman and a minority, fostering diversity and inclusivity in all aspects of our business.

US based and owned

Headquartered in LA and fully owned by American stakeholders, we are dedicated to supporting the local economy and workforce.

Veteran Friendly

As a veteran-friendly organization, we prioritize hiring and supporting military veterans, recognizing their valuable skills and contributions.

Small Business

Despite our growth and success, we maintain the agility and personalized service of a small business, ensuring tailored solutions and attentive customer care.



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Industries & Technologies

We have gained a high level of expertise across a number of industry verticles providing professional and managed services. We are technology agnostic and can make recommendations based on industry best-practice, key business outcomes and all other requirements.

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Case Studies

Read how we have impacted our customers businesses.

Technology Partner for an Innovative E-Commerce Powerhouse
The Challenge

Developing a personalised recommendation engine with integrated e-commerce proved a significant challenge for a small startup to build and expand. Hum sought a reliable technology partner capable of fostering this idea from its inception, providing ongoing support as it evolved alongside the growing business and offering the expertise required to incorporate advanced features such as Machine Learning-based recommendations progressively. AspireLive, with its proven track record, was the perfect fit for this role.

The Solution

AspireLive took the lead in the e-commerce development initiative, meticulously crafting strategies to build a tailored platform aligned with their customer's needs and objectives. Their expertise in technology architecture was instrumental in laying a robust foundation for scalability and seamless integration of advanced functionalities. Beyond offering strategic guidance and expert recommendations, AspireLive actively participated in the implementation, enhancing efficiency and effectiveness. This partnership evolved organically over a year, fostering collaboration, continuous improvement, and a shared vision for future technological advancements. By proactively introducing innovative features like Machine Learning-based recommendations, AspireLive elevated the e-commerce project and solidified its role as a critical enabler of the startup's technological success, turning a challenging endeavour into a thriving and sustainable ecosystem.

The Benefits

Hum's customer-centric e-commerce model paved the way for remarkable growth, propelling this dynamic nutrition brand into a compelling success story. By establishing a strategic partnership with Sephora, Hum amplified its market reach and seamlessly integrated its physical retail presence to complement its robust digital engagement strategy.

Technologies used
Customer Industry
VMWare integration at First Technology Credit Union
The Challenge

A prominent credit union encountered multiple obstacles in establishing a secure, dependable, and scalable Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) for its staff. The current VDI system, built on an obsolete platform, posed challenges due to high maintenance costs, performance issues, and limited scalability. Moreover, the credit union aimed to enhance workforce flexibility and mobility by enabling employees to utilise personal devices and access their desktops from various locations. Meeting stringent regulatory and security standards, ensuring seamless business operations, and implementing robust disaster recovery measures were crucial objectives for the credit union.

The Solution

In addressing the challenges, First Tech Federal Credit Union partnered with Aspire Live, a leading cloud services provider, to create a state-of-the-art VDI solution using VMWare Horizon Cloud. Drawing on Aspire Live's expertise and top-notch industry standards, the innovative solution integrates key elements, including VMWare Horizon Cloud on Microsoft Azure, VMWare Unified Access Gateway, VMWare App Volumes, and VMWare Dynamic Environment Manager.

The Benefits

By implementing the VMWare Horizon Cloud solution, First Tech Federal Credit Union revolutionised its operations, reaping many benefits that propelled the organisation towards unparalleled success. The deployment led to a remarkable surge in employee productivity and satisfaction and substantially reduced operational costs and complexities, paving the way for a streamlined and efficient workflow. Moreover, the enhanced security measures and heightened compliance standards instilled a sense of trust and reliability within the organisation, ensuring data protection and regulatory adherence. This transformation also ushered in increased business agility and resilience, empowering the credit union to adapt swiftly to changing landscapes and emerging challenges, setting a new standard for excellence in the industry.

Technologies used
Customer Industry
Complete Overhaul of Data Center
The Challenge

An outdated data centre with end-of-life hardware required a comprehensive modernisation initiative to enhance efficiency and performance.

The Solution

We executed a seamless migration process by utilising Dell servers, VMware ESXi Hypervisor, and vCenter controller. This involved setting up the new infrastructure alongside the legacy equipment, deploying ESXi and vCenter on the latest hardware, transferring existing VMs from the old environment to the new one, configuring the networking settings, transitioning the new system online, and successfully switching over from the old production setup to the latest production environment.

The Benefits

The client experienced enhanced stability and minimised attack vulnerabilities through the implementation of updated software, resulting in an overall improved security posture. Additionally, the upgrade to advanced servers and switching hardware led to decreased latency, optimising system performance and responsiveness.

Technologies used
Customer Industry
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